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Me Info System, has extensive experience of DATA CENTER DESIGN & INSTALLATION. We have specialization in designing and installation of critical, fault tolerant network infrastructure solutions for data centers. We offer a broad range of project expertise which includes planning, designing, engineering, constructing, monitoring and maintenance of data centers, computer rooms and server rooms that integrate ‘Best-Of-Breed’ critical infrastructure technologies.


Identification of customer design and implementation requirements with options including levels of resilience and required expansion capacities. Review to include desired timescales, power, lighting, false flooring cable tray, floor loading, false ceiling, cooling, access, etc. The data center design or computer room design process starts with our client’s management staff determining the business’s data center or computer room objectives and availability requirements. We follow with a thorough survey of the existing systems and facilities. We then work with the IT staff and the facility staff to identify and quantify the data center or computer room project needs and combine them with our understanding of the trends and migrations strategies required to adapt to future changes.

Finally, we develop a conceptual data center design or computer room design from which we develop construction budgets and schedules. The three most important attributes of any good Data Center Design or Computer Room Design are high-availability, flexibility and simplicity. A data center achieves high-availability by implementing a fully redundant, fault-tolerant and concurrently maintainable IT and support infrastructure architecture in which all possible hard failures are predictable and deterministic.

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