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Our draughtsmen are experts in ergonomics and control room design. Whether it's a complete turnkey solution or a single piece of furniture, we are sure to exceed the requirements of modern ergonomics. All design proposals will be referenced, supported with drawings, and also highlight viewing lines and eye levels. Recommendations are made with regard to the layout, furniture design and other features, obstacles or problems that can easily be overcome. Initial CAD drawings are provided free, as part of our quotation process; 3D models can also be provided if required.


The objective of ergonomics is to adapt the workplace to fit human require ments. Numerous factors can influence the ergonomic form of the working conditions, such as; legislation, physical conditions, social environment, and technical possibilities. Control rooms are covered by the regulations. They pose a particular problem for the employer. As the rigid adoption of all the requirements listed, may be neither in the interest of operational efficiency, nor indeed benefit the operator.


Our technical furniture is of a very high quality. With each item selected carefully and constructed to revolve around the specific demands of the client, and the parameters of their location. Having a fully flexible product gives our engineers freedom to create techni¬cal furniture, that best suits the environment it is intended for.


All control room consoles are built to accommodate the number of operators, and, the equipment required to be mounted and housed. These can be individual work stations, or large multi-user desks. All builds are custom made to suit the site they are designed for, including fitting around columns, detailed against radiators, and with climate control included to keep airflow moving around equipment.


Every control room desk includes cable management, maintenance access and can be fitted with ergonomic monitor mounting arms, lamps, cable entries, drawer pedestals, equipment racks, storage cupboards and racking bays as required.


The aluminium framework and monitor arms provide a modern look to all designs. However, the aesthetics of each control room desk can be customised to suit your requirements. The worktop, nosing, and panelling, are all available in a wide range of colours - we can even engrave corporate logos on to the panels.


A key feature of all control rooms is the monitor wall. As technology has developed in recent years, many old monitor stacks are being replaced with state of the art viewing facilities; ranging from small TFT screens, to large seamless rear projection screens. The Core Assembly System, developed by us, is the perfect product to build bespoke monitor walls to house the monitor wall solution, specified by the client. For many CCTV applications, TFT and LCD screens are mounted in enclosed monitor walls with storage or racking bays built in below. Media walls are perfect for an open flexible mounting system for clients within the security and broadcast industry.

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